The online age has revolutionized bingo so much that sometimes you don't even need to click on appropriate card numbers to mark them down. This article covers an important issue of all times, the ?Auto Mark / Daub Vs Manual Mark / Daub? case.

Auto mark feature after enabling, lets any player to get his card numbers marked automatically without the hassle of staying on top of his toes. Whereas the Manual marking system require skill and agility to observe the card numbers as they come out and then mark them down.

Both criterions have the same amount and element of luck in them but they have various pros and cons. Te old classic players of online bingo call the Auto marking feature as CHEATING and it as seen a lot of resentment from players all over the world. Fact will always remain a fact that Auto mark feature has eliminated the element of skill from online bingo and it was considered important to most players so they stick to manual marking.

The biggest problem arises when you are on your last number, it has already been called and you still can't spot it down while you hear someone winning the prize which you could have won! Auto marking comes here and just does all the work for you. All you have to do is place wager on appropriate cards and that's all.

One major benefit of Auto mark / daub in online bingo is that you can leave the game in the middle and even if you come back the next day, you will be rewarded for your payouts (Mostly there are). Auto mark or not! The choice is up to you as you are your own decision maker.

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